Curriculum and Instruction

Department Head

Professor Mary Anne Doyle


DeFranco, Glenn, Leu, Reyes, Settlage, and Wilson

Associate Professors

Anagnostopoulos, Howard, Kaufman, Levine, Marcus, Moss, Neelly, Rojas, Staples, and Truxaw

Assistant Professors

Back, T. Casa, Dostal, and Gabriel

Graduate programs in Curriculum and Instruction lead to degrees of Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy. The Neag School of Education also confers a Sixth- Year Diploma in Professional Education. Master’s and doctoral study is offered in bi- lingual and bi-cultural education, curriculum development, elementary education, and in most secondary school teaching areas. In addition, master’s study is offered in Music Education. Students should consult the statement under Education for information pertaining to admission requirements and special facilities available in the Neag School of Education.

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