Department Head

Professor J. Bobaljik

Distinguished Professor

D. Lillo-Martin


Bobaljik, Ž. Bošković, A. Calabrese, H. van der Hulst, W. Snyder, S. Wurmbrand

Associate Professors

J. Gajewski, S. Kaufmann, J. Sprouse,

Assistant Professor

M. Coppola, M. Kaufmann

The Department of Linguistics offers study leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, emphasizing theoretical and experimental research in syntax, semantics, phonology, morphology, and child language acquisition. (The degree of Master of Arts can also be awarded to students in the doctoral program, although students are not admitted to pursue it as a terminal degree.)

Admission Requirements

All applicants must submit a sample research paper (such as a thesis or term paper) written in English. It is strongly recommended that this paper be on a topic in linguistics. This research paper and three letters of recommendation are to be sent directly to the Department of Linguistics. Application forms for admission may be obtained by writing to the Graduate Admissions Office. For further information, please consult:

Suitable undergraduate major fields include linguistics, cognitive science, computer science, languages, mathematics, philosophy, and psychology. Applicants are required, however, to have completed some prior course work in formal generative grammar.

Special Facilities

Resources for experimental research in child language acquisition include the excellent facilities at the University’s Child Development Laboratories, as well as the Department’s own Psycholinguistics Laboratory. Federal research grants to faculty members, and a long-standing association with Haskins Laboratories in New Haven, Connecticut, also provide significant research opportunities for doctoral students.

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