Department Head

Eric Rice

Associate Department Head for Graduate Studies

Alain Frogley

Associate Department Head for Undergraduate Studies

Peter Kaminsky


Bass, Frogley, Fuchs, Junda, Kaminsky, Mills, Renshaw, Stanley, Stephens

Associate Professors

Felder, Hanzlik, Jackson, Rice, Rock, Spillane, Squibbs

Assistant Professors

Ivakhiv, Nelman

The Master’s Program

The Master of Music degree is offered with a concentration in performance (including an area of emphasis in conducting). Areas of concentration leading to the Master of Arts degree are historical musicology and theory. Admission requirements in addition to those of the Graduate School are as follows: Applicants in historical musicology and theory are required to submit a writing sample. All applicants must take the University of Connecticut Graduate Theory Placement Exam. Applicants in applied performance and conducting are required to audition for admission. The M.A. degree programs require a minimum of 24 credits plus nine credits of GRAD 5950–Thesis Research and a master’s thesis. M.Mus. programs require a minimum of 30 credits.

The D.M.A. Program

Applicants are expected to demonstrate outstanding musical ability and have a superior record of previous performance and scholarship. A completed master’s degree is required for admission. Holding a master’s degree from the University or from any other institution, however, does not render the applicant automatically admissible to the D.M.A. program. Areas of Concentration offered are Conducting and Performance. A personal audition is required as part of the application process. Inquiries should be addressed to: Coordinator of Graduate Studies, Department of Music, 1295 Storrs Road, U-1012, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT 06269-1012 or by e-mail

The Ph.D. Program

Concentrations in Music Theory and History. For specific information concerning admission to the Ph.D. program, students should write to the Coordinator of Graduate Studies in Music, Department of Music, Unit 1012, Storrs, Connecticut 06269-1012 or by e-mail

Graduate Performer’s Certificate

For information concerning the Graduate Performer’s Certificate, write to the Department of Music, Unit 1012, Storrs, Connecticut 06269-1012 or by e-mail

Special Facilities

The Music and Dramatic Arts Library maintains an extensive collection of books, scores, periodicals, audio and video recordings, and electronic resources. Listening facilities are available to students in the library. Unique research facilities include the Department’s computer laboratory, the music recording studio, and the Professor Bruce Bellingham Collection of Period Instruments. The von der Mehden Recital Hall is used for student and faculty performances and houses digital recording facilities. The Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts provides a full season of concerts, including performances by major symphony orchestras, chamber musicians and internationally known solo artists.

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