Healthcare Management and Insurance Studies (HCMI)

5221. Risk Management and Insurance

Three credits.

Provides a basic understanding of various ways to deal with different types of risk. Fundamentals relating to life, property and casualty, and health insurance are discussed in that context. Enterprise risk management for corporations, financial risk management, and strategic policies to mitigate risk are also covered.

5240. Health Care Organization and Management

Three credits. Prerequisite: Open only to MBA students, others with consent.

Examines the nation’s healthcare delivery system with overviews provided for each major sector of the health economy. The basic tools of economics and finance are employed to gain critical insights into the structure, conduct and performance of each of these sectors. Designed to accommodate both health care professionals and individuals from other business areas interested in learning more about the health care industry.

5243. Health Care Economics

Three credits. Prerequisite: HCMI 5240.

Demonstrates how various economic theories can be used to think about health care issues and takes a macro or industry perspective of various health care problems and policy questions. Students are provided with a set of economic tools to evaluate a theoretical or empirical argument relating to health or medical care. Culminates with an in-depth analysis of the structure, conduct, and performance of the markets for medical insurance, physician services, hospital services, pharmaceutical products, and long-term care. Health care reform is also discussed.

5549. Management of Long-Term Health Care Organizations

Three credits. Not open to MBA students.

Examines administrative processes within the long-term health care facility including issues related to organizational effectiveness, financial management, the regulatory structure, operational procedures, policies and practices.

5632. Internship in Health Care Management

Variable (1-9) credits. Not open to MBA students. May be repeated for a total of nine credits.

Under the guidance of a qualified preceptor, the student participates in the administrative process in the long-term health care organizational structure. A project is required.

5686. Health Insurance and Risk Management

Three credits. Prerequisite: HCMI 5240.

A detailed overview of the purpose, structure, operation, and performance of the health insurance industry from the perspective of various stakeholders including insurance company owners, employers, individual consumers of health insurance services, and society. Emphasis is placed on individual and group health insurance products with respect to administration, selling and marketing, underwriting, pricing, and claims administration. Managed-care techniques, benefit-package design, and cost-sharing mechanisms are also evaluated and discussed.

5687. Global Healthcare Systems

Three credits. Prerequisite: HCMI 5240.

The examination and evaluation of diverse healthcare systems across the world. As part of this process, students will review the rationale that shapes the unique characteristics and attributes of different systems throughout the world and their associated strengths and weakness. From an organizational perspective, introduces models used for the provision of health care services within the framework of business management practices. May be used to satisfy the MBA Program at Hartford.

5688. Risk Management and Quality across Borders

Three credits. Prerequisite: HCMI 5240.

Examines the management of risk and quality within health care organizations and within different international settings. Within this framework, students are exposed to a number of different quality modes and study the relationship between risk management and quality.

5891. Health Care Internship

Variable (1-3) credits. Prerequisite: Instructor consent.

Under the guidance of a qualified preceptor, students are provided opportunities to study and analyze an organization’s characteristics, functions, goals, strategies, and decision-making processes. Managerial skill is developed through the performance of administrative tasks and through participation in problem-solving processes. A research paper is required.

5894. Seminar

Variable (1-3) credits. Prerequisite: Open only to MBA students. Not open to students who have passed BLAW 5182. May be repeated for a total of 12 credits.

Investigation and discussion of special topics in healthcare management.

5895. Special Topics in Health Care Management

Variable (1-6) credits. Prerequisite: Instructor consent. May be repeated for credit.

Faculty-student interaction on a one-to-one basis involving independent study of specific areas of health care management. Emphasis, selected by the student, may be on theoretical or applied aspects. A written report is required.