Homeland Security Leadership (HSL)

5312. Intelligence for Homeland Security: Organizational and Policy Challenges

Three credits.

Examines contemporaneous issues facing the intelligence community and its role in homeland security. Emphasis on critical thinking of issues related to policy development, implementation, and intelligence support to senior decision makers in the homeland security community. Students will have the opportunity to address policy, organizational and substantive issues pertaining to homeland security and intelligence; nteract with each other, and author well researched papers.

5315. Contemporary Issues in Homeland Security Leadership

Three credits.

Supports the overarching goals of the Homeland Security Leadership program by providing an intellectual framework for engaging in ongoing self-directed learning within the Homeland Security domain; eveloping a cadre of leaders across the Homeland Security continuum who share substantive skills in analysis, interpretation, policy development, and administration of approved policy; and to complement other more operationally oriented training programs.