Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)

5300. Independent Study

Variable (1-3) credits. Instructor consent required.

Topics related to the Occupational Safety and Health Certificate program as designated and approved by the instructor assigned to oversee and grade the project.

5301. Special Topics in Occupational Safety and Health

Variable (1-3) credits. Instructor consent required.

The instructor assigned will designate the special topic(s) related to the Occupational Safety and Health Certificate program and oversee and grade students’ work in the course.

5321. Seminar in Occupational Safety and Health Management

Three credits.

In-depth study of the impact of issues such as the changing demographics, and globalization of regulations, on promoting prevention of injuries and illness to workers, and protection of property and the environment in the workplace. Taught as a series of active seminars requiring students to research, write, and discuss papers.

5322. Industrial Pollution Management

Three credits.

Provides students with management and applied techniques to prevent and control pollution from industrial activities. It includes legal aspects of pollution prevention and control, setting up pollution prevention programs, performing pollution prevention assessments, performing economic evaluations and management principles in controlling industrial pollution.

5325. Systems Safety Analysis

Three credits.

Acquaints students with empirical methods and techniques for proactively identifying, assessing, and eliminating or controlling safety-related hazards to acceptable levels.

5326. Managing Environmental Systems

Three credits.

Provides guidance and detailed information on developing environmental management systems with special reference to ISO 14001; measuring corporate needs, advantages and disadvantages; liability issues; and internal and external auditing.

5376. Occupational Safety and Health

Three credits.

Provides the student with the rationale for providing an occupationally safe and healthy work environment for employees. These skills are needed to be able to work effectively in the area of human resources and employee development as well as industrial relations since workers have been provided by law with specific safety and health rights.

5378. Advanced Industrial Hygiene

Three credits.

Directed at protecting workers’ health through the recognition, evaluation and control of hazards in the work environment.

5380. Loss Control Methods

Three credits.

Detailed study of loss control research methods and application techniques with emphasis on the control of hazards using safety engineering methods in a variety of industrial settings.

5381. Advanced Loss Control and Management Theory

Three credits. Prerequisite: OSH 5380.

Provides students with opportunities to apply management and loss control techniques to analyze and address occupational safety and health issues. Topics include: epidemiology concepts in analyzing occupational safety and health injuries and illnesses; hazard analysis; revention and control of hazards; tools of accident prevention; safety and health training; motivating safety and health; and communicating safety.

5382. Analysis of Occupational Safety and Health Law and Regulations

Three credits.

Provides the substance for understanding the Occupational Safety and Health laws and regulations, the regulatory process; and the research data and analyses required to promulgate or revise a law or regulations.