Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS)

5119. Historical Women Political Thinkers

(Also offered as POLS 5119.) Three credits. Recommended preparation: POLS 5100. Not open to students who have passed POLS/WGSS 3027/W.

Critical study of the writings of several historical women political thinkers.

5315. Gender and Culture

(Also offered as ANTH 5315.) Three credits.

Anthropological perspectives on the analysis of gender with special focus on dynamics of gender, culture, and power.

5333. Topics in the History of American Women

(Also offered as HIST 5555.) Three credits. Prerequisite: Instructor consent. May be repeated for a total of nine credits.

5341. Analysis of Rituals

Three credits. Prerequisite: ANTH 5311.

Examines various theoretical contributions to the anthropological study of ritual. Controversies and ambiguities surrounding the social and symbolic significance of the ritual act for both men’s and women’s experiences and participation are addressed.

5365. Feminist Methodologies

Three credits.

Theoretical underpinnings of diverse feminist methodologies and interdisciplinary scholarship. Contemporary debates in the field and ethical dilemmas faced by researchers using feminist, interdisciplinary and intersectional epistemologies. Relationship to critical race, indigenous, and queer methodologies. Guided experience in designing and producing feminist scholarship.

5366. Feminist Pedagogy

Three credits.

Overview of feminist and critical epistemologies and pedagogical tools for use in interdisciplinary classrooms in varied academic contexts.

5371. Genders, Sexualities, and Theories

Three credits.

Genders and sexualities with special attention given to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues.

5390. Independent Study for Graduate Students

Variable (1-6) credits. Prerequisite: Instructor consent. May be repeated for credit.

5395. Special Topics Seminar in Women’s Studies

Three credits. May be repeated for a total of nine credits.

Topics of current interest from a feminist perspective.

5398. Variable Topics in Women’s Studies

Three credits. May be repeated for a total of nine credits.

With a change in topics, may be repeated for credit.

5612. Feminist Theory and Social Science

(Also offered as SOCI 5612.) Three credits. Prerequisite: Instructor consent.

Examines intellectual background and contemporary context for feminist theoretical debates in the social sciences. Explores these debates with reference to feminist perspectives on political theory, science, economics, postmodernism, postcolonialism, globalization, socialization, and sexuality.

5614. Sexual Citizenship

(Also offered as SOCI 5614.) Three credits. Prerequisite: Instructor consent.

Sexuality as an axis of citizenship in diverse national and international contexts. Analysis of access to citizenship, relationship recognition, marriage rights, heteronormativity and compulsory heterosexuality, trans citizenship claims, immigration, asylum, sex work, reproductive rights, sex education, racism and racialization, colonialism, and social justice.