Business Analytics and Project Management

The Master of Science in Business Analytics and Project Management (MSBAPM) is designed to meet the growing demand for professionals who can harness advanced business analytics and project management skills to address existing business problems and create new opportunities for small to global enterprises in information-rich environments. Students must complete 37 credits to fulfill all degree requirements.  The program features hybrid course delivery that combines face-to-face and online sessions, and can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis. The curriculum is aligned with professional examinations leading to certification and accreditation by the SAS Institute and the Project Management Institute.

Required Courses: MGMT 5620; OPIM 5270, 5272, 5601, 5603, 5604, 5641, 5668, 5671 and 5770, totaling 28 credits.

Approved Electives: (nine credits required) OPIM 5500, 5501, 5502, 5505, 5507, 5894; or approved graduate level (5000 or above) MKTG, MGMT, or FNCE courses.

4+1 Analytics Track. Prospective undergraduate UConn students must apply to the 4+1 Analytics track through the regular Graduate School admissions process during the Fall semester of their junior year.  Students who meet conditional acceptance requirements, will be admitted to the 4+1 track if they also successfully complete their UConn undergraduate degree while maintaining the minimum cumulative GPA for admission to the UConn Graduate School, and receive a grade of “B” or better in both courses in one of the following sequences: OPIM 5270 and 5603; or OPIM 5603 and 5604. Students must also fulfill the Technical Communications foundational knowledge requirement by earning a Bachelor’s degree with an Affiliated Major or Minor, or “B” or better in OPIM 5601, or an engineering Senior Design course, or other relevant coursework subject to MSBAPM Director approval.

To complete the MSBAPM degree, students admitted to the 4+1 Analytics Track are required to complete 30 credit hours, having completed seven of the required credits to attain admission to the MSBPAM program.

The program is offered by the School of Business.