Data Science

The University of Connecticut offers a Master of Science in Data Science through The Graduate School with the participation of the College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the School of Business, the School of Engineering, and the Neag School of Education.  The following areas of concentration are offered: Advanced Data Analysis, Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Business Data Science, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Dependent Data Analysis, Geospatial Analysis, Healthcare Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Social and Behavioral Analytics, and Talent Analytics.

Requirements: Students must compete at least 30 credits of coursework, including core courses, a capstone course, and additional coursework in an area of concentration or approved by the Academic Director of the program.

Core Courses: All students are required to complete the following 18 credits of core courses: STAT 5405, CSE 5713, EPSY 5641 (two credits), ARE 5353 (two credits), STAT 5125, OPIM 5501 (two credits), and CSE 5819.

Capstone Requirement: In addition, all students must complete a three-credit applied capstone course, GRAD 5800. If an area of concentration offers an applied capstone course specific to that area of concentration, that course will replace GRAD 5800 as the required capstone course.

Additional Credit Requirements: Students who elect not to pursue one of the areas of concentration listed below must complete an additional nine credits of coursework relevant to data science and approved by the Academic Director of the program. Students who choose an area of concentration must complete nine credits of coursework in that area of concentration, as described below.

Advanced Data Analysis: nine credits chosen from STAT 5415, 5665, 5675, 5915.

Bioinformatics: nine credits chosen from CSE 5800, 5815, 5840, 5860.

Biostatistics: The following nine credits: BIST 5615, 5625, 5645. In addition, students in the Biostatistics area of concentration must take STAT 5915 as an applied capstone course (in lieu of GRAD 5800).

Business Data Science: nine credits chosen from: OPIM 5501, 5502, 5504, 5509, 5511, 5512.

Cloud Computing: nine credits chosen from: CSE 5299, 5300, 5304, 5309.

Cybersecurity: The following nine credits: CSE 5850, 5852, 5854.

Dependent Data Analysis: The following nine credits: BIST 5815; STAT 5825, 5915.

Geospatial Analytics: The following six credits: NRE 5525, 5585. In addition, students must take one of the following: NRE 5215, 5235, 5545, or 5560.

Healthcare Analytics: nine credits chosen from: HCMI 5240, 5243, 5686; OPIM 5508.

Marketing Analytics: MKTG 5115, and six credits chosen from: MKTG 5220, 5250, 5251, 5565; OPIM 5510.

Social and Behavioral Analytics: The following nine credits: EPSY 5643, 6611, 6615.

Talent Analytics: The following six credits: MENT 5377, 5680. In addition, students must take one of the following: MENT 5650, 5674, 5675.

The program is offered by The Graduate School.