Higher Education and Student Affairs

The Master of Arts in Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA) is designed to prepare students for professional careers in various higher education and student affairs positions. This full-time, two-year, cohort-based academic program combines traditional instruction with graduate assistantships and practica experiences. Students complete a total of 36 credit hours for the HESA degree program, which includes a variety of foundational and professional content courses as well as elective graduate courses offered throughout the university.

1st Semester Required Courses: EDLR 5102, 5105, 5122, 5092.

2nd Semester Required Courses: EDLR 5092, 5103, 5117, 5119.

3rd Semester Required Courses: EDLR 5092, 5107, 5119.

4th Semester Required Courses: EDLR 5118, 5126, one elective.

Students take three credits of electives and successfully complete and pass their comprehensive examination, which consists of an oral presentation.

The program is offered by the Neag School of Education.