Human Rights

The Human Rights Institute offers a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Human Rights. The Master’s Degree in Human Rights is designed to advance participants’ knowledge of human rights as both an academic and professional field, hone students’ critical inquiry skills, and ultimately enable students to develop as competitive candidates for professional positions in industry, government, education, and non-profit sectors. The Master’s Degree in Human Rights requires the completion of 30 credit hours of graduate coursework, up to 12 of which can be earned during the student’s senior year. Up to 12 credits of approved graduate coursework included on the student’s undergraduate plan of study can also be used toward both the B.A. and M.A. plans of study. The required 30 credit hours include 12 Common Core credits and a required three-credit practicum (200 hours), at least six Foundational Elective credits, and nine additional elective credits drawn from either the Foundational Elective or Supplementary Elective lists. Other elective options may be approved by the Graduate Education Director after consultation with the Graduate Education Committee.

Common Core Courses: HRTS 5282, 5301, 5351*, 5401, and 5600.

Foundational Electives: EDCI 5847; HRTS 5055, 5095*, 5351*, 5428, 5450, 5460, 5499, and 5899*; HRTS/HIST 5270; HRTS 5390/ECON 5128/POLS 5390; LAW 7878; SWEL 5385.

Supplementary Electives: ALDS/GERM/CLCS 5324, 5325; ANTH 5325; ENGL 6540; HRTS/ANTH 5327; LAW 7380, 7653, 7695, 7814, 7876, 7883, 7914; POLS 5115, 5322; PUBH 5460/LAW 7592; SOCI/HRTS 5825; SOCI 5515.

*May be repeated for a total of nine credits with a change in subject matter.