The Department of Marine Sciences offers graduate studies in the field of oceanography, leading to the degrees of Doctor of Philosophy and Masters of Science. Since the M.S. program is research oriented, most Masters students are in the Plan A program. Entry into the Ph.D. program usually requires a Master’s degree, but particularly well-prepared students may enter directly from a Bachelor of Science program.

Master of Science Plan A

Requires 21 credits of advanced coursework, nine GRAD 5950 credits, and completion of a research project, the results of which are reported in a thesis.

Masters of Science Plan B

Requires 30 credits of advanced coursework and a final examination. No research project is required.

Course Requirements. The academic program is developed around a two-tiered structure: four courses MARN 5010, 5030. 5050, and MARN 5065, designed to provide a core understanding of the basic sub-disciplines of the field of oceanography, followed by a series of more specialized courses offered to meet the individual needs of the student.

Doctor of Philosophy

Requires 30 course credits plus 15 credits of GRAD 6950 in addition to six related area credits. Doctoral students who have already earned a Master’s in the field of study or closely related field must earn 15 credits beyond the Master’s plus 15 credits of GRAD 6950 in addition to six related area credits.

The programs are offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.