Survey Research

The Department of Public Policy offers a graduate program leading to a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Survey Research. The program prepares survey research professionals, in both traditional and cutting-edge methodologies, to gather data about attitudes, opinions, behaviors, or demographics and analyze that information to answer complex questions about society. The Graduate Program in Survey Research delivers high-quality instruction in qualitative and quantitative data collection and data analysis techniques through a robust online delivery platform.

Master of Arts Requirements

The M.A. degree requires a minimum of 30 credits. The following courses are recommended for completion of the master’s degree. Master’s degree students and their advisors decide the most appropriate course of study. During the final semester of study, all Master’s degree students are required to submit a cumulative portfolio which serves as a comprehensive examination.

Master of Arts Recommended Courses: PP 5379, 5383, 5376, 5385, 5377, 5386, 5397, and 5390*.

Two of the following (*more if substituting PP 5390): PP 5387, 5382, 5384, 5322, 5332; PP 5397 when taught as Applied Survey Analysis SPSS, R, and Stata; and PP 5397 when taught as Multicultural/Multi-population Research.

* Students with two years of relevant work experience may substitute coursework for the internship with approval.

The program is offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.