Graduate Course Descriptions

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5894. Special Topics

1.00 - 9.00 credits | May be repeated for a total of 12 credits.

Prerequisites: Open only to MBA students, others with consent.

Grading Basis: Graded

Last Refreshed: 18-AUG-22 AM
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Term Class Number Campus Instruction Mode Instructor Section Session Schedule Enrollment Location Credits Grading Basis Notes
Spring 2022 12211 Hartford In Person Baldassario, Ryan 001 Reg 4/10 3.00 Graded
Spring 2022 12212 Hartford In Person Park, Stephen 002 Reg 12:00am‑12:00am
0/5 3.00 Graded
Spring 2022 12213 Hartford In Person Hegde, Shantaram 003 Reg 12:00am‑12:00am
0/5 3.00 Graded
Spring 2022 12218 Hartford Online Mathieu, Jennifer 004 Reg 6/20 3.00 Graded This course will embed students for ten hours per week in one of ten InsurTech startups involved in the Hartford InsurTech Hub powered by Startupbootcamp, and located at 20 Church Street in Hartford. Service to the venture assigned through experiential learning opportunities constitutes the requirement for the course. The aim is to provide students a unique opportunity to engage and participate in entrepreneurial ventures in a growing industry sector, and one particularly pertinent to the region. This will benefit individuals interested in gaining experience in new ventures, and exposure to this fast growing InsurTech sector. Participation in key programming hosted by Startupbootcamp during the semester may also be required. This course is part of a larger InsurTech Fellowship program, and is sponsored by the Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CCEI) and the University of Hartford Barney School of Business. This course is only open to those who have been preapproved and selected. If you are interested in this program next year, you will need to apply directly with CCEI and be selected to join this program.
Spring 2022 17636 Hartford Hybrid/Blended Bruno, David
Mathieu, Jennifer
006 Reg Fr 12:00pm‑2:00pm
5/20 3.00 Graded *** This class will be held at the GBLC (Grad*** This advanced experiential learning course builds student entrepreneurial skills by participating in the creation and growth of the Build Hartford program. Build Hartford seeks to catalyze economic development throughout the greater Hartford region by engaging student entrepreneurs at the University of Connecticut. Students will carry out Customer Discovery and Development Planning to strategically design projects funded by the Build Hartford program. These topics and skills are equally applicable to entrepreneurial leadership in new ventures (whether high-growth or small-business entrepreneurs) as well as in corporations (intrapreneurs, corporate ventures, innovation champions). Students interested in applying should visit to apply to participate.
Summer 2022 2230 Hartford Online Grunwald, Jennifer R12 MAY Mo 6:00pm‑8:30pm
Mo 6:00pm‑8:30pm
We 6:00pm‑9:00pm
32/45 3.00 Graded To view the syllabus visit this url;
Fall 2022 11532 Hartford Other 001 Reg 2/15 3.00 Graded _
Fall 2022 11889 Hartford Other Bozzi, Michael 002 Reg 0/10 3.00 Graded Topic: MBA Venture Fellows Program 3 Credits
Fall 2022 11652 Hartford In Person Mathieu, Jennifer 003 Reg We 6:00pm‑9:00pm
10/35 3.00 Graded This course will build skills to help students learn how to be innovators and entrepreneurs in the InsurTech space. This course is available by permission number only. To apply please visit
Fall 2022 4335 Storrs In Person Brady, Brian 004 Reg 12:00am‑12:00am
0/35 No Room Required - Dept Space 3.00 Graded
Fall 2022 4336 Storrs In Person Brady, Brian 005 Reg 12:00am‑12:00am
0/35 No Room Required - Dept Space 1.00 - 9.00 Graded
Fall 2022 4337 Storrs In Person Dowding, Timothy 006 Reg 12:00am‑12:00am
0/35 No Room Required - Dept Space 1.00 - 9.00 Graded
Fall 2022 4338 Storrs In Person Dowding, Timothy 007 Reg 12:00am‑12:00am
0/35 No Room Required - Dept Space 1.00 - 9.00 Graded
Fall 2022 4339 Storrs In Person Kivenzor, Gregory 008 Reg 12:00am‑12:00am
0/35 No Room Required - Dept Space 1.00 - 9.00 Graded
Fall 2022 4340 Storrs In Person Brady, Brian
Hunter, Tim
009 Reg 12:00am‑12:00am
0/35 No Room Required - Dept Space 1.00 - 9.00 Graded
Fall 2022 4356 Storrs In Person Roberts, Jeffrey 010 Reg 12:00am‑12:00am
0/35 No Room Required - Dept Space 1.00 - 9.00 Graded
Fall 2022 14488 Hartford In Person Mathieu, Jennifer 012 Reg Fr 12:00pm‑3:00pm
2/20 3.00 Graded Combined with BADM 4895
Fall 2022 11494 Hartford In Person Warren, Meg H71 Reg 0/10 3.00 Graded Field Study Internship