Graduate Course Descriptions

The following directory lists the graduate courses which the University expects to offer, although the University in no way guarantees that all such courses will be offered in any given academic year, and reserves the right to alter the list if conditions warrant. Click on the links below for a list of courses in that subject area. You may then click “View Classes” to see scheduled classes for individual courses.

5050. Engineering Problems in the Hospital

3.00 credits

Prerequisites: None.

Grading Basis: Graded

Covers engineering solutions to problems that are found in the healthcare environment. Includes wide variety of topics such as electrical power quality of and the reliable operation of high tech medical equipment; electrical safety in the patient care environment; electromagnetic compatibility of various medical devices and electromagnetic interference; radiation shielding and radiation protection; medical gas systems, medical ventilation systems and indoor air quality; fire protection systems required in the hospital; networking medical devices, patient information systems, digital imaging and image storage systems; telemedicine and medical image transmission; and finally, hospital architecture and the design of patient care facilities.

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