Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies (CLCS)

5301. Variable Topics

Three credits. Prerequisite: Instructor consent. May be repeated for a total of nine credits.

Possible topics include literature and the other arts, the sociology of literature, literature and psychology, and themes. May be repeated for up to nine credits with a change of topic.

5302. Introduction to Literary Theory

Three credits. Prerequisite: Instructor consent.

Historical survey of theoretical paradigms or schools of literary theory. Topics may include literary representation, the relationship between literature and society, interpretation and meaning, ideology. Emphasis on the aims of theory, its object, and its status vis à vis other disciplines of the human sciences.

5304. Studies in Literary History

Three credits. Prerequisite: Instructor consent.

Periods, movements, and literary relations involving several national literatures. Possible topics include the Baroque, the Enlightenment, Symbolism, and the Avant-Garde.

5305. Comparative Studies in Romanticism

Three credits.

West European Romanticism, the Bildungsroman, the quest, stories of the fantastic, and the greater Romantic lyric. Includes works of Goethe, Coleridge, Poe, Hugo and Leopardi.

5306. Studies in Form and Genre

Three credits.

Aspects of epic, drama, poetry, or narrative, such as the classical epic, the historical drama, the pastoral poem, or the picaresque novel.

5308. Marxist Literary Criticism

Three credits.

Introduction and survey of Marxist texts from Marx and Engels to Gramsci, Lukacs, Frankfurt School theoreticians, and contemporary theorists, feminists, and third-world practitioners.

5310. Psychoanalysis and Literature

Three credits.

Introduction to the literary and cultural application of psychoanalytic theory to the reading of literary texts;psychoanalytic interpretation from Freud to Lacan and feminist Lacanians.

5311. Introduction to Semiotics

Three credits. Prerequisite: Instructor consent.

Historical development and fundamentals of semiotics. Classical and structural models. Varying emphasis on a particular theory and its development.

5313. Theory and Practice of Translation

Three credits.

5317. Studies in Comparative Culture

Three credits. Prerequisite: Instructor consent.

The intersection of ideas concerning urbanization and modernism through the medium of literature, architecture, fine arts, and film.

5318. Special Studies

Variable (1-6) credits. May be repeated for a total of nine credits.