The Department of Art and Art History offers one graduate degree: Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.). The M.F.A. degree, a terminal degree for studio artists, requires a minimum of three years study in residence. Graduate level studio work for the serious artist is desirable to enable intensive aesthetic experimentation assisted by the guidance of established professional artists. As a result of such experience, a student is expected to complete a body of art significant in content and of professional quality. Students develop a plan of study in consultation with a major advisor and advisory committee. While the program emphasizes individualized studies concentrating on and combining studio art in such areas as ceramics, drawing, painting, installation/performance art, photography, printmaking, sculpture, and video, there are courses that also enable students to engage other resources of the Department of Art and Art History and the University community.

M.F.A. Requirements

The M.F.A. requirements conform to the Graduate School requirements as outlined in the Academic Regulations section of this catalog. The M.F.A. has specific course requirements described below. Specific course requirements for the M.F.A. are determined by the student’s advisory committee consistent with the minimum requirements specified by the Graduate School. The M.F.A. does not have a foreign language requirement. Students establish their own direction and goals in consultation with a major advisor and an advisory committee. After such consultation, the plan of study is completed for the approval of the student’s advisory committee. Candidates for the M.F.A. are required to complete a minimum of 60 credits of graduate course work. This total typically includes 39 credits of graduate studio art distributed as follows: 18 credits in an area of major emphasis, 15 credits outside the area of major emphasis, and six credits of M.F.A. project. An additional 15 credits are to be taken in non-studio graduate art courses and are distributed as follows: nine credits of graduate art seminar, three credits in studio art instruction and curriculum planning, six credits in modern and contemporary issues in art, and three credits of special topics in art history. When deemed appropriate by the advisory committee, additional credits in advanced studio or art history may be required of students whose undergraduate backgrounds are deficient in these areas.

Core Requirements: ART 5310, 5320, 5340, 5383; ARTH 5383, 5370; Graduate Studio Art course in Major Studio Area; Graduate ART course or Elective Area.

M.F.A. Project Requirement. ART 5397; Reserved for the last semester of study after candidacy review, the M.F.A. project requires accomplishment of a body of studio work culminating in a substantial exhibition for public viewing, supported by a written statement, public presentation, and a digital photographic portfolio. Each candidate presents to the advisory committee an oral defense of the completed body of studio work and the written statement. The exhibition emphasizes work resulting from the M.F.A. project and courses taken in the final year of study. A public presentation is required in conjunction with the exhibition.

The program is offered by the School of Fine Arts.