Integrative Studies

The Graduate School offers Ph.D. students whose dissertation research integrates two or more distinct fields of study the opportunity to earn a Ph.D. in Integrative Studies. The program is intended for students who have already enrolled in a Ph.D. program at the University of Connecticut, and it is aimed at students whose research interests cannot be accommodated within an existing field of study. The Ph.D. in Integrative Studies will allow students to acquire and demonstrate a large degree of disciplinary skills across fields that may not often intersect. Students considering a Ph.D. in Integrative Studies should be aware, however, that this degree may not allow them to qualify for employment in positions that require advanced degrees in a specific discipline.

Requirements for the Ph.D. in Integrative Studies

Specific course requirements for the individualized Ph.D. in Integrative Studies are determined by the student’s Advisory Committee. Students without a master’s degree must complete a minimum of 36 credits of graduate-level coursework. Students with a master’s degree must complete a minimum of 21 credits of graduate-level coursework. This coursework must include at least six credits of graduate-level coursework from each of two different departments. In addition, all students must complete at least 15 credits of GRAD 6950 or 6960. Students are required to have a minimum GPA of 3.5 to be admitted and to maintain a 3.5 GPA to remain in good standing. The individualized Ph.D. in Integrative Studies does not have a related area or foreign language requirement, unless one is specified by the Advisory Committee.

The program is offered by The Graduate School.