Advanced Systems Engineering

The UTC Institute for Advanced Systems Engineering offers a 12-credit fully online certificate program to train engineers in urgently needed cyberphysical systems (CPS) related disciplines that are pivotal to innovation and product enhancement in the globally competitive economy. The certificate program builds competency in analytical systems engineering related to system modeling, uncertainty analysis, and robust design of physical, embedded, and control systems. The program teaches requirements development and analysis, systems architecting, model-based system engineering methods, physics-based modeling and analysis, machine learning, data science, decision-making, optimization, verification and validation of engineered systems.

Required Courses: One introductory course: SE 5000 or 5001; one modeling course: SE 5001, 5101, or 5201; one concentration course: SE 5102, 5202, 5302, 5402, 5702, 5095, or 5502. The required fourth course can be selected from any of the three categories.

The certificate is offered by the School of Engineering.