College Instruction

Effective teaching in undergraduate and graduate classrooms is becoming an increasingly important consideration in hiring faculty. The Graduate Certificate in College Instruction (GCCI) is intended for students interested in deepening their theoretical and practical understanding of college teaching and in preparing for employment in higher education. The certificate provides learners the foundations of higher education pedagogy, opportunities to develop a teaching philosophy and approach, and an exploration of a variety of instructional techniques and classroom management strategies in college settings.

Required Courses: Students with instructional experience must complete GRAD 6000 and 6001. Students without instructional experience must complete: GRAD 6000, 6001 and 6004. In addition, all students must take a minimum of six elective credits which explicitly focus on some aspect of instruction in higher education. The GCCI Program maintains a list of courses that are preapproved to satisfy this latter requirement. The Director may approve other courses in addition to those that are preapproved. In general, electives applied to another plan of study (Master of Arts or Doctor of Philosophy) cannot be used for the GCCI.

This certificate is offered by the Neag School of Education.