Logic is a multifaceted subject that connects many disciplines, including mathematics, computer science, philosophy, linguistics, and other areas. The certificate facilitates advanced studies in a variety of topics, including: mathematical logic; the theory of computation; formal semantics; natural-language reasoning; vagueness, probability, and contradiction; and the application of logic and formal methods to law and cognitive science. Administered through the UConn Logic Group, which is an internationally recognized center of logic research excellence, the certificate will provide students with a broad and comprehensive background in the subject, with a specific focus on interdisciplinary applications.

Required Course: Students are required to take a one credit independent study with a Certificate Director, which includes participation in the Logic Colloquium for at least one semester.

Elective Courses: Four courses from among CSE 5102, 5506; LING 5410, 5420, 6410, 6420; MATH 5026, 5260; PHIL 5307, 5311, 5344. At least two of the completed courses must be from different departments. Courses not listed here may be included by approval of Certificate Directors. Total course requirement is 12 credits.

This certificate is offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.