Occupational Health Psychology

Occupational Health Psychology (OHP) involves the interdisciplinary partnerships of psychological and occupational health science professionals seeking to improve the quality of working life, and enhance the safety, health and well-being of workers in all occupations. Because it exists at the intersection of behavioral science and occupational health disciplines, OHP is inclusive of knowledge and methods from psychology, public/occupational health, organizational studies, human factors, and allied fields (such as occupational sociology, industrial engineering, economics, and others). OHP is concerned with the broad range of exposures and mechanisms that affect the quality of working life and the responses of workers. These include individual psychological attributes, job content and work organization, organizational policies and practices, and the economic and political environments in which organizations function. OHP research and practice explores interventions targeting the work environment as well as the individual, to create healthier workplaces and organizations and to improve the capacity of workers to protect their safety and health and to maximize their overall effectiveness. The certificate program follows a scientist-practitioner model of training with an emphasis on research. Coursework includes an introductory OHP proseminar, an epidemiology course, supervised field or lab research in occupational safety and health, plus elective courses in occupational safety and health such as ergonomics and organizational stress.

Required Common Core Course: PSYC 5123.

One Required Field/Lab OHP Research Experience: GRAD 5950, 5960, 6950, 6960; or PSYC 5800.

Required Methodology Course: PUBH 5497 when taught as Intermediate Epidemiology.

Elective Specialization Seminars: (two required – one outside primary discipline): BME 5339; PSYC 5670 when taught as Organizational Stress or Work and Aging; PSYC 5120, 5617; PUBH 5497 when taught as Introductory Ergonomics and Exposure Assessment, Occupational and Environmental Health Policy, or Health in the Built Environment; or PUBH 6493.

This certificate is offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.