Race, Ethnicity, and Politics

Historically, it has been under the framework of Race, Ethnicity, and Politics (REP) that scholars in Political Science have explored the relationship of social identities and persistent inequalities to the nature of domestic and international politics. REP scholars have, in the main, contended that doing their work rigorously requires drawing on diverse methods that combine in transdisciplinary endeavors. The Graduate Certificate offers mentorship to graduate students seeking to pursue REP questions and research agendas by enabling them to join a community of interlocutors, including peers and faculty from across the university, that nurtures the cross-pollination of ideas and networks necessary to support the advancement of this kind of inquiry.

Requirements: Students are required to complete four pre-approved three-credit courses with significant REP content, earning a grade of “B” or higher in each. At least two, but no more than three, of the 5000/6000-level graduate seminars must be completed in Political Science. One of the four courses must have a U.S. focus, which means that at least three-quarters of course readings and discussion will deal with questions of race, ethnicity, and politics as explored in the U.S. context. One of the graduate seminars must be international or global in scope, which means that at least three-quarters of course readings and discussion will deal with race, ethnicity, and politics as explored in an international or global context. To determine whether a particular course satisfies requirements, students selecting classes should consult with the REP Graduate Certificate program director.

Pre-approved Courses: AMST 6000; EDCI 5875, 5830; ENGL 5530, 6400, 6450, 6540; GEOG 5840; GERM 6480; HIST 5235, 5525, 5543, 5565, 5610, 5622, 5630; LAW 7529, 7655, 7703, 7810; LLAS 5105, 5610; PHIL 5310; POLS 5105, 5409, 5410; PSYC 6750, 5170, 5370; SOCI 5501; SWEL 5377, 5385. The Graduate Certificate program director may approve other courses in addition to those that are preapproved. Finally, all students enrolled in the certificate program are expected to participate in one reading group session in which all core Political Science faculty and enrolled students read and discuss one non-course book of relevance to REP. REP Graduate Certificate students must also participate in one UConn-based graduate student conference, sharing research undertaken in one of their REP courses.

This certificate is offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.