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5300. Human Oppression: The African-American and Puerto Rican Perspective

3.00 credits

Prerequisites: Open to Social Work MSW and non-degree students.

Grading Basis: Graded

Examines economic, political, social and cultural forces operating at global, national and local levels, which generate and maintain oppression based on race and ethnicity in the United States. Focuses on the oppression of the Black and Latino populations in the United States, highlighting the African-American and Puerto Rican experiences and perspectives. It will provide a framework for analyzing and understanding oppression. A historical perspective will be utilized to explore past and current oppression related to race and color, culture and ethnicity, social class, gender, sexual/emotional orientation and religion. Intercultural, intracultural, psychosocial, social and political responses to oppression will be addressed throughout the course. Required course for students in the M.S.W. program.

Last Refreshed: 21-JUN-24 AM
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Term Class Number Campus Instruction Mode Instructor Section Session Schedule Enrollment Location Credits Grading Basis Notes
Spring 2024 12574 Hartford Online Synchronous Garran, Ann 701 Reg Mo 4:00pm‑6:30pm
18/20 No Room Required - Online 3.00 Graded
Spring 2024 12575 Hartford In Person Marrero-Johnson, Milagros 702 Reg Tu 9:30am‑12:00pm
20/20 GBLC 604 3.00 Graded
Spring 2024 12576 Hartford In Person Savage, Nordia 703 Reg We 6:45pm‑9:15pm
12/20 SSW 113 3.00 Graded
Spring 2024 12577 Hartford Online Synchronous Iacono, Gio 704 Reg Th 4:00pm‑6:30pm
20/20 No Room Required - Online 3.00 Graded
Spring 2024 12578 Hartford Hybrid Washington, Pamela 705 Reg Sa 9:00am‑12:00pm
Sa 9:00am‑12:00pm
Sa 9:00am‑12:00pm
Sa 9:00am‑12:00pm
Sa 9:00am‑12:00pm
Sa 9:00am‑12:00pm
Sa 9:00am‑12:00pm
10/20 HTB 228 3.00 Graded Class to meet in-person 9am-12pm on: 1/20/24, 2/3/24, 2/10/24, 3/2/24, 3/23/24, 4/6/24, and 4/20/24. Additional asynchronous content for students to complete outside of the in-person times.
Fall 2024 11815 Hartford In Person Werkmeister Rozas, Lisa 701 Reg Mo 4:00pm‑6:30pm
19/20 HTB 138 3.00 Graded
Fall 2024 11816 Hartford In Person Mortley, Craig 702 Reg Tu 6:45pm‑9:15pm
18/20 SSW 107 3.00 Graded
Fall 2024 11817 Hartford Online Synchronous Garran, Ann 703 Reg Th 4:00pm‑6:30pm
18/20 No Room Required - Online 3.00 Graded
Fall 2024 11818 Hartford Online Synchronous Washington, Pamela 704 Reg We 4:00pm‑6:30pm
18/20 No Room Required - Online 3.00 Graded