Graduate Course Descriptions

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5544. Electrical Insulation System

3.00 credits

Prerequisites: Recommended preparation: ECE 3001 and 3231 or equivalent.

Grading Basis: Graded

Introduction to electrical insulation system for low and medium voltages. Gas discharge physics and dielectrics. Sulfur hexafluoride. Outdoor insulation. Dielectric breakdown in liquids and solids. Power capacitors and inductors. MV cables and accessories. Voltage transients in MV power systems. Thermal model for MV transformers (steady-state, transient, and hot-spot temperatures identification and verification). Insulation coordination design for MV transformers, load capacity and service lifting trade-off study based on electrical and thermal over-stress analysis. Insulation system for MV and LV rotating machines (form and random wound), insulation system optimization for torque density and payload efficiency. Insulation system testing and qualification. Monitoring and diagnosis.

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