Graduate Course Descriptions

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5092. Practicum

1.00 - 6.00 credits | May be repeated for a total of 21 credits.

Prerequisites: None.

Grading Basis: Graded

The implementation and application of theory in the student's area of specialization.

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Term Class Number Campus Instruction Mode Instructor Section Session Schedule Enrollment Location Grading Basis Notes
Fall 2019 3863 Storrs In Person Sullivan, Mary *90 Reg 12:00am‑12:00am
5/20 Graded Three Summers in Education Campus/On- Line Master's and Sixth Year Program Students
Fall 2019 8543 Storrs Online Lombardi, Allison *91 Reg 4/10 Graded PDS Certificate Program students only
Fall 2019 1942 Storrs In Person Bray, Melissa 003 Reg Mo 7:10pm‑9:40pm
15/20 GENT 119E Graded School Psychology Students - 3 credits. Class and time by arrangement per instructor.
Fall 2019 6798 Storrs In Person Bruder, Mary 005 Reg 12:00am‑12:00am
0/5 Graded Early Children. 3 credits.
Fall 2019 19301 Storrs In Person Coyne, Michael 008 Reg 0/5 Graded
Fall 2019 7422 Storrs In Person Freeman, Jennifer 014 Reg 12:00am‑12:00am
0/5 Graded
Fall 2019 9379 Storrs In Person La Salle, Tamika 018 Reg Tu 4:00pm‑6:30pm
0/20 BUSN 227 Graded Combined with EPSY 6494-016
Fall 2019 18986 Storrs In Person Coyne, Michael 019 Reg 12:00am‑12:00am
1/10 Graded
Spring 2020 4408 Storrs In Person Sullivan, Mary *90 Reg 12:00am‑12:00am
0/15 No Room Required - Practicum Graded THREE SUMMERS IN EDUCATION STUDENTS ONLY --Contact for permission numbers.
Spring 2020 9138 Storrs Online Tarconish, Emily *91 Reg 12:00am‑12:00am
0/25 No Room Required - Online Graded
Spring 2020 2910 Storrs In Person Everett, Susannah 001 Reg Mo 4:40pm‑7:10pm
0/15 No Room Required - Practicum Graded SWPBS
Spring 2020 2911 Storrs In Person 004 Reg We 4:40pm‑7:10pm
0/25 Graded School Psychology Practicum 1
Spring 2020 5614 Storrs In Person Olinghouse, Natalie 006 Reg Tu 6:30pm‑9:00pm
0/20 No Room Required - Practicum Graded
Spring 2020 9952 Storrs In Person La Salle, Tamika 016 Reg Tu 4:40pm‑7:10pm
0/35 No Room Required - Practicum Graded School Psychology Practicum 2