Graduate Course Descriptions

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5394. Independent Study

1.00 - 9.00 credits | May be repeated for a total of 9 credits.

Prerequisites: Open only to students enrolled in the MSW program (RG98).

Grading Basis: Graded

Special social work topics not included in the curriculum may be the subject of an Independent Study. A proposal to do an independent study must be presented no later than the second session of the semester in which the course is to be completed and be approved by the Director of Student Services. A maximum of three independent study courses or nine credits may be applied toward degree requirements.

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Term Class Number Campus Instruction Mode Instructor Section Session Schedule Enrollment Location Grading Basis Notes
Fall 2019 11812 Hartford In Person Malcolm, Barris 001 Reg 12:00am‑12:00am
0/5 Graded
Fall 2019 12165 Hartford In Person Feely, Megan H71 Reg 0/5 Graded
Fall 2019 21418 Hartford In Person Elsaesser, Caitlin H72 Reg 1/99 Graded Micro Theories
Spring 2020 14416 Hartford In Person Kennedy, Stephanie 001 Reg 0/5 Graded
Spring 2020 14417 Hartford In Person COMER, EDNA 002 Reg 0/5 Graded
Spring 2020 14418 Hartford In Person Feely, Megan 003 Reg 0/5 Graded In-depth country review of Israel with focus on African American Asylum seekers in South Tel Aviv.
Spring 2020 14686 Hartford In Person Harding, Scott H71 Reg 0/5 Graded
Spring 2020 14586 Hartford In Person Libal, Kathryn H72 Reg 0/5 Graded
Spring 2020 14698 Hartford In Person Harding, Scott H73 Reg 0/5 Graded
Spring 2020 14704 Hartford In Person Kurz, Brenda H74 Reg 0/5 Graded
Spring 2020 14705 Hartford In Person Kurz, Brenda H75 Reg 0/5 Graded
Spring 2020 14706 Hartford In Person Lloyd, Margaret H76 Reg 0/5 Graded
Spring 2020 14715 Hartford In Person Papallo, Peter H77 Reg 0/5 Graded
Spring 2020 14716 Hartford In Person Kurz, Brenda H78 Reg 0/5 Graded
Spring 2020 14718 Hartford In Person Werkmeister Rozas, Lisa H79 Reg 0/5 Graded Examining microaggressions from the perspect of a Social Work student studying abroad
Spring 2020 14720 Hartford In Person Malcolm, Barris H80 Reg 0/5 Graded Integrated behavioral health in Primary Care within School based health centers research
Spring 2020 14725 Hartford In Person Malcolm, Barris H81 Reg 0/5 Graded
Spring 2020 14728 Hartford In Person Thomas, Rebecca H82 Reg 0/5 Graded
Spring 2020 14731 Hartford In Person Medina, Catherine H83 Reg 0/5 Graded