Graduate Course Descriptions

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5430. Mechanics of Composite Materials

3.00 credits

Prerequisites: ME 5410 or CE 5124.

Grading Basis: Graded

Provides students with the fundamental knowledge to perform stress analysis of fiber-reinforced composite materials. Focus on the use of mechanics to study the stresses due to applied deformations, loads, and temperature changes. Begins with an introduction to composite materials, including their constituent properties, applications, advantages and limitations, and manufacturing techniques. Elasticity theory of anisotropic solids is also reviewed. Next, the determination of composite macroscopic constitutive relations through micromechanics is discussed, followed by the development of Classical Lamination Theory (CLT) for composite structural members, and applications to buckling and free vibration analyses. Concludes with a discussion on the use of CLT for failure analysis of composite structures subjected to mechanical and thermal loads.

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