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5603. Statistics in Business Analytics

3.00 credits

Prerequisites: Open only to MBA, MSBAPM, and MS FinTech students, others with consent.

Grading Basis: Graded

Advanced level exploration of statistical techniques for data analysis. Students study basic concepts in descriptive and inferential statistics, data organization and visualization, sampling, probability, random variables, sampling distributions, hypothesis testing, linear regression, and logistic regression. Topics will focus on rigorous statistical estimation and testing. Prepares students with the skills needed to work with data using analytics software.

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Term Class Number Campus Instruction Mode Instructor Section Session Schedule Enrollment Location Credits Grading Basis Notes
Fall 2022 11587 Hartford In Person Bergman, David B12 Reg Tu 9:00am‑12:00pm
Waitlist Spaces: 20
GBLC 501 3.00 Graded
Fall 2022 11589 Hartford In Person Liang, Chen B13 Reg We 6:00pm‑9:00pm
37/44 GBLC 407 3.00 Graded
Fall 2022 11588 Hartford In Person Prakash, Pankaj B14 Reg Th 6:00pm‑9:00pm
22/44 GBLC 502 3.00 Graded
Fall 2022 14465 Hartford In Person Prakash, Pankaj B15 Reg We 6:00pm‑9:00pm
39/44 GBLC 405 3.00 Graded
Fall 2022 16182 Stamford In Person Cao, Jisu FT40 Reg We 1:15pm‑4:15pm
13/44 DWTN 132 3.00 Graded
Fall 2022 12167 Stamford In Person Cao, Jisu MS40 Reg We 6:15pm‑9:15pm
41/42 DWTN 132 3.00 Graded
Spring 2023 11025 Hartford In Person Stallaert, Jan B12 Reg Tu 1:00pm‑4:00pm
40/44 GBLC 505 3.00 Graded
Spring 2023 11228 Hartford In Person Stallaert, Jan B13 Reg Tu 6:00pm‑9:00pm
26/44 GBLC 604 3.00 Graded
Spring 2023 16022 Stamford In Person Cao, Jisu MS40 Reg We 6:15pm‑9:15pm
14/42 DWTN 131 3.00 Graded