Feminist Studies

The Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program (WGSS) has a graduate certificate in Feminist Studies. This certificate offers a concentrated feminist perspective and interdisciplinary theoretical approach to a student’s disciplinary research interests as well as a broad understanding of the field of women’s, gender, and sexuality studies. The Feminist Studies Certificate can be earned by students enrolled in a UConn Graduate Degree Program, or as a stand-alone certificate for those who have completed their undergraduate degree.

Requirements: A minimum of 12 credits of coursework in more than one department. These credits will include three credits of feminist theory and three credits of feminist pedagogy, unless waived by the WGSS director or certificate advisor. Not including WGSS courses, no more than six credits may be taken from any single department or faculty member. No more than three credits of coursework at the 3000 or 4000 level may be counted toward the certificate. No more than three credits of WGSS 5390 (Independent Study for Graduate Students) may be counted toward the certificate. UConn Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) students must take at least three credits of coursework outside their degree-granting departments or programs.

This certificate is offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.