Human Rights

The graduate certificate in Human Rights offers graduate students the opportunity to develop a competency in human rights theory and practice while being able to craft a course of study directly relating to their specific interests and needs. The certificate provides historical, literary, and philosophical perspectives for thinking broadly about modern human rights; an understanding of social science research on rights, conflict, and governance; as well as expertise in international treaties, institutions, and case law. The certificate is open to students who are currently matriculated in a graduate level program at the University of Connecticut, including the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, School of Education, School of Law, and School of Social Work. Students must complete 12 credits, consisting of at least one core course and three elective courses. Courses may be taken at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the School of Education, the School of Social Work, or the Law School. A maximum of three credits of independent study can be applied towards the certificate course requirements. Students may also petition for the inclusion of other courses on a case-by-case basis. Departmental Special Topics and Variable Topics courses (*), maybe taken with pre-approval of content by the Human Rights Graduate Certificate Committee. HRTS 5899 Seminar in Variable Topics in Human Rights may be repeated with a change in content.

Core Courses: EDCI 5094HRTS 5301; LAW 7878; or SWEL 5385.

Preapproved Electives: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: ANTH 5315; ANTH 5377/PH 5497; ANTH 5325, 5326; ANTH 5395*; BLAW/BADM/HRTS 5254; CLCS 5317*; ECON 5473, 6473; ECON 5128/HRTS 5390; EDCI 5094; ENGL 6540; GERM 6480*; GERM 5314* /CLCS 5317; GERM 5345/CLCS 5317*; GERM 6460/HEJS 5397/CLCS 5317*; GEOG 5810; HIST 5195, 5525, 5622; HRTS 5095, 5270, 5499, 5899*; LLAS 5105*; PHIL 5315; POLS 5010*, 5115, 5322; SOCI 5515, 5801, 5806, 5895*, 5896; SPAN 6402*, 6405; WGSS 5398. School of Education: EDCI 5094. School of Social Work: SWEL 5317, 5318, 5345, 5348, 5350, 5360, 5375. Law School: LAW 7380, 7386, 7558, 7592, 7609 (only open to law students; only four credit classroom component counts towards certificate), LAW 7653, 7655, 7672, 7679, 7695, 7722, 7755, 7759, 7814, 7815, 7831, 7838, 7872, 7876, 7883, 7914, 7927*; LAW 7592/PUBH 5497; LAW 7942/PUBH 5463; PUBH 5497; PUBH 5497/ANTH 5377.

The certificate is offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Neag School of Education, and the School of Social Work.